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Innovation in Acoustic Imaging

Acoustic Imaging: Watching and Listening

Acoustic arrays meet two needs:

Watching and listening work together: watch for hot spots in the acoustic image and then focus to listen to the sounds from those hot spots.

Sound is everywhere. Let us help you see it.

ACAM 100 Acoustic Array

Download the datasheet: ACAM 100, A4 size

Acoustic Camera

The ACAM 100 Acoustic Array has 40 digital microphones on a 40 cm x 40 cm plate. The microphones are sampled simultaneously, providing accurate phase information for digital signal processing algorithms.

An acoustic membrane protects each microphone from dust and moisture.

Optical Camera

The optical camera in the center of the array returns 5M-pixel images.

Digital Inputs and Outputs

The ACAM 100 Acoustic Array has two isolated digital inputs and two isolated digital outputs. These can be used for synchronization with data acquisition systems, and one of the inputs can be used for a tachometer.

acam image

One cable

The ACAM 100 requires just one USB cable for microphones, optical camera, digital I/O, and power.

The ACAM 100 is ideal for mobile applications. Setup takes just a few minutes.

Mounting Hardware

The ACAM 100 mounting hardware conforms to the 100 x 100 mm VESA standard. Wall mount, tripod, and desk mount adapters are available.

acam image


Software provides the interface between a Windows PC and an ACAM 100 Acoustic Array.

The ACAM 100 Acoustic Array is available now:

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Sound is everywhere. Let us help you see it.


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