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Acoustic Array Patent

The United States Patent Office has issued Patent 9635456: Digital Signal Processing with Acoustic Arrays. This patent applies to acoustic arrays from Signal Interface Group.

Software Downloads

Signal Interface Group Software

  Installer v210 (2.1.0), compatible with ACAM 100, required for ACAM 120

  Installer, previous version, ACAM 100 only

  Installer v250 (2.5.0), beta software, please contact SIG before downloading

  Installer v325 (3.25), beta software, please contact SIG before downloading

  User Manual

  API Manual

  Javadoc, please contact SIG before downloading

The Acoustic Array software requires a driver from FTDI. Windows downloads this driver automatically when the installer runs in a PC that is connected to the Internet.

Note: Before running the Acoustic Array software installer in a PC that is not connected to the Internet, copy the FTDI driver program to the PC and run it.

  FTDI driver

Windows 10 Upgrades

Note: The Signal Interface Group Acoustic Array software runs with Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, but upgrading to Windows 10 may disable it. Please contact SIG or your SIG reseller if you need assistance after upgrading to Windows 10.

We have seen instances in which the FTDI driver is missing after the upgrade. In some cases the solution is to re-install the FTDI driver by connecting the PC to the Internet and then connecting the Acoustic Array to the PC. After this, run, as administrator, the command "sc start ccmservice".

Don't hesitate to contact us for help.

BeamformX Downloads

The BeamformX software and manual can be downloaded from the OptiNav web site. The software requires a license key.

  OptiNav FTP page

Note: BeamformX requires a 64-bit Java Runtime Environment.

Contact SIG